The Story of The DRUNK Baker

It's HAPPENING! Last month, at the beginning of March, I left my beloved home of Chicago to chase dreams on the West Coast. The DRUNK Baker began as a hobby in my kitchen on the north side of Chicago a few years ago. My roommates would help me brainstorm ideas and then I'd try to turn these ideas into something tangible...and edible. The idea of TDB developed after I wanted to combine two of my favorite things: booze and desserts. Personally I do my best to eat cleanly...for the most part. And my desserts should be no different. Now, a dessert is a dessert so don't be deceived. My baked goods still have butter and sugar and all the good stuff in them. But I don't use any preservatives or unnatural colorings and no processed stuff. I do my best to use local, natural, organic and seasonal ingredients.

Now I enjoy a cocktail (or five) just as much as the next person. And I also love desserts. I get that from my mom I think. Hi mom! And I'm an artist; I like to blend and mix things and see what happens. So I started to add booze to my baking. A shot for the batter, a shot for know how it goes. This is not a new concept. There are plenty of alcohol infused baked good recipes out there. But the recipes I take are unique to my tastes, and the tastes of those around me. I like to take a handful of recipes and create my own from them.

I'm also gluten and dairy free. Ok hear me out. Yes, all my baked goods are gluten and dairy free, except for the use of butter...which doesn't always count as dairy. Depends who you ask. I only tell you because I believe in transparency. I guarantee you'd never know otherwise. My baked goods are first and foremost delicious and amazing. They just happen to be gluten and dairy free. Because dammit! Diet restrictions shouldn't keep you from enjoying life. And for you vegans out there? I got you too or all the vegans in my life would probably leave me. If a dessert isn't vegan already, I can easily make it vegan. And honestly, I will probably move in the direction of going all vegan. It's just that right now vegan butter is wicked expensive!

Now, like most gluten free baking there's a lot of trial and error. Some store bought flour blends were okay. Some were totally gross. And some were allllmost there, but just not quite what I wanted. So I ditched them all. I did some research on gluten free flours and starches, how others in the gluten free community were using them and after lots of baking and tweaking finally developed my own all purpose flour blend. This is the most you'll ever hear me talk about gluten free baking.

I want your experience with my desserts to be one that makes you stop and enjoy that moment. Even for just a second. Take the time to enjoy the flavors in your mouth and appreciate the world around you. And know that each dessert has been created to give you a moment of love, joy and deliciousness.



#bakedgoods #alcohol #boozy #dairyfree #fromscratch #homemade #glutenfree #dessert

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